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Get The Most Out Of Your Jeans

They are an essential. Something that we all have in our wardrobe. Since they came about, jeans have developed a style all their own. These denim delights have expanding to many different forms, from the boot leg to the skinny leg, the hipster to the high waisted. For whatever occasion, jeans can be utilised to make the most amazing outfits.   ​Start with the cuffs. Stick to these basic rules for cuffed jeans and you can not go wrong. For wide leg jeans, thick cuffs will be perfect. Fold once to one inch and then again to create a two inch cuff. For skinny jeans try a smaller or mini cuff. The bottom of the cuff should sit just above the...

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Dress Your Best With These Style Tips

In this short article we will be running through a few of the best style tips of all time. As fashion changes so frequently it is hard to keep up, but there are some tips that never go out of style.They are not only timeless, but also able to be utilised with pieces that almost all of us already have in our wardrobe, so no need to buy a whole new range of clothes to look fab!  ​ Matching can seem daunting, but it is actually easy if you follow a few simple steps. If you check out a colour wheel, easily found online, then you will see the colours opposite each other are complimentary, meaning they can be paired...

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Boots, Boots, Boots!

With winter just around the corner, you may be looking for a new pair of boots to couple with your outfits and keep your feet nice and toasty during the cooler months. This season we are seeing the comeback of combat style boots to take the spotlight for our winter shoe must haves. There are plenty of stores already stocking the on-trend boots and so you have many choices when looking to purchase in the coming weeks leading up to the seasonal change. These shoes are wholly practical and generally, as long as you buy a good quality pair, very durable and supportive. You can pay anywhere between $50 and $300 but something in the mid-range is perfect to keep...

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Jumpsuits Are In This Winter!

We all know and love jumpsuits, they have recently stepped back into the eye of the fashion world and there are some killer looks that you should definitely be rocking this winter season! But what would be the perfect item to add to your wardrobe? There are a few key things to take into account when buying your next jumpsuit for the 2019 winter season and here we will explore the do's and don't's of jumpsuits for the chillier time of year.   ​We are lucky in Australia. For the most part, winter is not so cool and so we are able to rock lighter, more flowing pieces during even the coldest months. But when buying a new jumpsuit you...

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Top 10 Places To Travel

Have you been dreaming about travelling the world? This year might be just the year that you decide it’s time to stop making excuses and travel the world. Perhaps your 2019 resolution is to travel the world but you’re not sure where to go? We are already three months into the year and it’s time to start planning for the end of year holidays. Here are our top ten places to visit in 2019... Airlie Beach – Queensland, Australia If you haven’t ever been to Airlie Beach, then you’re really missing out on a wonderful experience. Some of the tourism in the region includes exploring the Great Barrier Reef through snorkelling and scenic flights over the heart reef. Rome –...

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